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Year 1993, the bleakest time of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A group of actors from Belgrade, utterly unaware of what they're setting themselves up for, embark on a search for quick earnings - on a "tour" around the Serbian Krajina. However, there they are thrust into the heart of war and begin to wander from war front to war front, from one army to the next.
I saw this film at Cinequest, a film festival in San Jose, California. I liked it very much and found it to be a very moving anti-war film. It has excellent acting and production values and had me engrossed throughout. Though to a Serb it may seem at first that the film falls into the usual demonization of the Serbs, actually all sides are portrayed as ready to commit terrible acts. This is true for the scene where the Croats are ready to force the actors to clear the mine field. They are saved only by the chance arrival of Serbian troops who then in turn force the Croats to clear the minefield. It is also true for the scene where the Serbian nationalist poet is taken prisoner by Muslim troops and we are given ample clues that he will meet a horrible end, though this is not shown on screen. I am an American anti-war activist with ties to what for me will always be Yugoslavia, not in agreement with the American bombing and not in agreement with savage nationalism either, no matter whose nationalism it is.
This is probably one of the greatest movies in ex-Yugoslavia in the last 20 years and maybe the best from brilliant director Goran Markovic (with &quot;Nacionalna klasa&quot; and &quot;Variola vera&quot;). Markovic also wrote the script that is vaugely based on factual happenings.<br/><br/>Naive half-member troupe from Belgrade National Theater embarks on an dangerous tour through Serbian Krajina in Bosnia. The time is 1993 and there is bloody, difficulty and abstract war between Serbs, Croats and Muslims. Company&#39;s intention is to perform Feydeau&#39;s vaudveville &quot;A Flea in Her Ear&quot; and to reanimate unwilling and disastrought folk in little town Srbobran. But, the situation soon gets worse and worse. In only three days the actors founds all horrors of Bosnian war.<br/><br/>The whole story try&#39;s to explain this conflict from very essence of spirit of the art. For me, this is by far most objective movie about civil war(s) in ex-Yugoslavia. There is also very fine amalgam of comedy and tragedy (for example, we have ridiculously and burlesque moments when leader of the troupe Stanislav tries to assure Croat Commander that they are Croat actors and just few minutes later there is distressing and touching part with &#39;Panther&#39; Leaders and actress Sonja in mined territory.<br/><br/>The cast is superb. The great turn from main lead, especial from Chaplin-like tragicomical Tihomir Stanic (Stanislav) and ingenuine thrilling Jelena Djokic (Jadranka), gratefully movie inventions. Other four players from the troupe, Dragan Nikolic (old charmer Misko), Mira Furlan (middle-aged leading lady Sonja), Josif Tatic (tippler Zaki) and Gordan Kicic (young star Lale) give us irresistible performances. There is also series of brilliant supports: Slavko Stimac as Djuro, pacifist driver, Vojislav Brajovic as Ljubic, fascist war firebrand, Svetozar Cvetkovic as absentminded surgeon, Bogdan Diklic as sharp, cold hearted Croat Commander, Sergej Trifunovic as violent and hot blooded &#39;Panther&#39; Leaders and many, many more.<br/><br/>Watch this great anti-war movie and you&#39;ll probably understand Balkan conflicts better. But, you&#39;ll also understand and take a liking to the actors, too.

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